Kookaburra Kahuna 350 Bat

Kookaburra Kahuna 350 Bat. The iconic Kookaburra bat for over the last 12 years.

Crafted from unbleached English Willow
Weight 2lbs 8oz - 2lbs 11oz
Big edges - Massive ‘Big Edge’ profile which increases from the shoulders and maximises at the sweet spot, generating supreme balance with an extended sweet spot that covers the entire width of the blade. The ‘Big Edge’ forms a vital part of Kookaburra’s renowned power profiles.
Large sweet spot - The position in the blade where performance is maximized. Kookaburra bats are engineered to maximize the size of the sweet spot, allowing the middle of the bat to be spread further across the blade meaning that off centre strikes perform better.
Super Spine - Kookaburra’s ‘Super Spine’ profiles adopt traditional shaping characteristics which operate in unison with the ‘Big Edge’ profi le of the bat – creating a huge apex, with unrivalled amounts of power throughout the length of the blade and exceptional ‘pick up’.
Rounded face for power and control
Power drive handle to give added strength, power and durability
KPP done by hand to begin the process of knocking in before match play
Max grip exclusive to Kookaburra for optimum control
Angled toe for comfortable stance position
Naturally dried for greater durability

Available is SH at £150

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Kookaburra Kahuna 350 Bat